Sub-irrigation: The Secret of sipH2O

Knowing that the soil pulls moisture upward, we constructed a sub-irrigation planter that gets water to your plant the way Mother Nature intended: absorbing from the below the roots and working upwards. That makes for a stronger root system and a plant that holds blooms longer. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Icon - Eco Friendly

Sub-irrigation is Eco-Friendly

Sub-irrigation, commonly used by the pros, is the greenest way to water plants. With sub-irrigation, there is less compaction of the soil media than with top watering. This watering method improves oxygenation over time and ensures thorough wetting of the soil, which means no dry pockets, and no dry plants.

Icon - Aeration

Six Sides of Aeration

Like many living things, plants need access to air. sipH2O's root care system has aeration slits on all four sides allowing plenty of air to reach the root system. We can all breathe a little easier knowing that.

Icon - Water Level Indicator

Water Level Indicator

The water level indicator rises to the max fill line to show when the reservoir is full. It is not meant to tell you when to water, only when to stop watering!

Clear Advantage™

Icon - Eyes, See for yourself

See for yourself.

Anyone can talk about a strong, healthy root system, but sipH2O is the only one who can actually show it. With sipH2O Clear Advantage, you can finally see firsthand what's going on with the soil and root system.

Icon - Healthy Soil

Healthy Soil

You can learn a lot by looking at soil. For instance, when soil loses moisture, it changes color noticeably. sipH2O Clear Advantage gives you a clear view of the soil, so you can tell when it's time to add water. You'll also be able to spot mold, mildew or insects in the soil before they cause problems for your plant.

Icon - Root System

Strong Root System

Plants can outgrow a container the same way people outgrow shoes. It's called root-bound, but with Clear Advantage, you'll see exactly when it's time to repot your plant. Also, if you've never seen a root system, it's really quite beautiful, especially in plants like Orchids. Definitely worth taking a peek.